It’s time to Blog

Being a maths nerd at school I hated literacy and everything that came with it. Even the word ‘write’ made me get up tight, I’m a left hander so was always doomed for a smudged handwritten essay. My English and writing technique hasn’t been helped much by the technological age, neither has my health, but we’ll come to that in future blogs. Many years of saying ‘alright’ ‘m8’ ‘txt’ ‘see ya later’ are taking an academic toll, I need to fix it, especially when my dissertation is fast approaching.

We’ll start with a brief overview, who I am and why I’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I’m Ryan, 22, and originating from a little town in Northamptonshire called ‘Rushden’. Theres not a whole lot there, especially for a musician. I began playing drums at the age of 14, just a normal school boy who liked the extra fuss from the ladies just by being able to sit behind the kit and sound awful for the most part. It was a cool thing to do and a cool thing to be, but knew it wouldn’t go any further and pursued my A levels. It wasn’t until I was sat in a pool of sweat and frustration surrounded by Chemistry, Physics and Maths books that I thought F*** this, I got 94% in my Grade 8 Drums last week, maybe thats my forte.

I followed my gut, finished A levels and gave myself a year off education to develop my new career path as a musician. A year later I got accepted onto a Degree in music performance and commenced part 2 of my life in a much more vibrant place, exciting and opportunistic place, London. Fast forward another few years and here I am sat at a desk in my 2nd floor flat. I’m surrounded by musical instruments, a few empty glasses and this evenings plate of chicken Korma left overs with Billy Cobham’s ‘Stratus’ running through my mind.

So why blogging? I’ve always been a bit terrified of how social media can interpret people, but balls to it. I’ve been around long enough to know that deep down, people don’t really care what Instagram filter we use. Maybe the Kardashians do, Kim’s main ass-et is literally that. I’m my own man now, we’ve all been on our own journeys professionally and personally and I hope that sharing parts of mine can intrigue, inspire or educate.

I am going to be blogging hopefully once a week providing life doesn’t go too mental, which sometimes as a musician it does. You know when you’re busy as a musician because you don’t have time to shave and you get fed up of the next Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s meal deal. It’s a good job we do it for the love.

Thank you for reading and see you all next week,


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